Meeting with the deaf community in Narberth

It was a pleasure meeting members of the deaf community in Narberth to discuss ways to make society more welcoming, inclusive and accessible for those hard of hearing.

Those with hearing problems face many challenges in their everyday lives. They often have difficulty communicating and interacting with others, accessing services and information and participating fully in society.

Many public places and services are not accessible to deaf people, making daily activities very difficult.

Those with hearing difficulties are often face discriminated against in employment, education, and other areas of life.

Deaf children may need additional support in school to succeed academically, deaf adults may need to advocate for themselves in the workplace or in other settings where they may encounter communication barriers or discrimination.

It’s important that we support these strong and resilient people who have developed unique ways to communicate and interact with the world around them.

Some ways we can all make society more welcoming, inclusive, and accessible for deaf people:

  • Learn sign language.  .
  • Be patient and understanding. 
  • Advocate for accessibility.  
  • Support deaf-owned businesses and organisations.

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