he Mid & West Wales Rural Development Forum recently reconvened at Bluestone to evaluate the advancements made since the publication of their 2017 ‘Time to Meet the Challenge’ report.

Despite significant challenges posed by Brexit, the pandemic, and economic uncertainty, the forum was extremely encouraged by the progress that has been made over the past 6 years across the 6 key areas highlighted in the 2017 report.

  • Building On The Infrastructure Of Rural Wales
  • Increasing Rural Wales’ Skills And Productivity
  • Growing Our Businesses
  • Promoting Food, Farming And Forestry 
  • Using The Foundational Economy To Ensure Local Jobs Are Provided For Local People
  • Maximising Tourism Potential

The delivery review showcased substantial achievements in infrastructure, skills and productivity improvement, business nurturing, agricultural promotion and harnessing the potential of the foundational economy and tourism.

The forum is now looking forward to taking the next steps in the development of rural Wales.

Read the review here: https://docdro.id/zDghSNP

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