Mid and West AM’s support for Allutism Bi

Assembly Member for Mid and West Wales Eluned Morgan supported a proposed Autism Bill in the Assembly on 14 June.

The Labour AM said, “Many of my constituents contacted me on this matter and I have listened carefully to the comments and personal accounts of those who have direct experience of accessing services in the Mid and West Wales region. It is simply not good enough that it can take as much as 7 years to reach a diagnosis in Pembrokeshire for example.

“As you will be aware, the Welsh Labour Government has begun to make progress on developing the National Integrated Autism Service. The Service will be rolled out across Wales by 2018 – a year ahead of the original schedule.

“I supported the legislation being brought forward by the Assembly Member for Preseli Pembrokeshire and I will continue to engage with all local authorities within the Mid and West Wales region to understand the issues involved in supporting those with an autism diagnosis.”

Welsh Ministers abstained during the Assembly vote allowing the proposal to proceed.

In relation to legislation, the Welsh Government is confident that it already has the legislative powers and policies in place to deliver support for people with autism. However, Welsh Ministers will continue to monitor and evaluate the implementation of the strategic action plan and the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act and will keep the need for future autism-related legislation under review. If there are gaps in services and support that can only be met through legislation, the Welsh Government has said that it would introduce appropriate legislation.