The Labour Party has said that every effort should be made to keep children studying in St Davids rather than relocate them to Haverfordwest whilst a refurbishment of the school is being undertaken. That is the promise that the local and national candidates of the Labour Party are making to people in the area.

Alan York the local Labour candidate for St Davids, who has considerable experience as a former Councillor, has suggested that:

“Whilst of course our priority must be to ensure the safety of children whilst asbestos is being removed from the site, it should not be impossible to do this in a phased approach whilst using temporary classrooms on the site. Hundreds of local residents have expressed their concern to me that if pupils are shipped off to Haverfordwest for their education, many may never return to study in St Davids when the school is reopened which will undermine the viability of the St Davids school.”

He has been critical of the sitting councillor for St Davids who has the power as the Cabinet Member for Education to determine what happens, but who has instead suggested that he is gagged by the election.

Josh Phillips the candidate for Solva said,

“Not stating an opinion for what should happen in your area during an election is a dereliction of duty. Purdah is there for officers of the council, not for councillors. What is clear is that it is the officers who are calling the shots, not the local councillor who is afraid to go against their recommendations. Solva residents are extremely concerned about the situation.”

Eluned Morgan AM whose family is from St Davids said,

“The standards of education in the County are totally unacceptable despite the best efforts of the committed teachers. Independent Councillors have failed the children of Pembrokeshire for too long. The low attainment rates relative to other parts of the country are having an effect on the local economy and the health service, as it is becoming increasingly difficult to attract professionals who are anxious about the education standards in the county.”

Philippa Thompson the Labour Candidate for the General Election added,

“Education is key to the life chances of every child in Pembrokeshire. Shunting children around from place to place will not help with continuity and standards. It is time to say enough is enough in terms of low attainment rates in Pembrokeshire schools. Independent councillors must pay the price of this failure in this election.”

Photo attached of Eluned Morgan with Alan York