Labour AMs Support International Women’s Day in Whitland

Labour Assembly Members Eluned Morgan and Joyce Watson will be taking part in an event to mark International Women’s Day at Whitland Town Hall on Sunday 12 March. The day’s events will be hosted by the Taf Branch of the Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire Labour Party. Other speakers for the day on the theme of “Plight and Power” include Dr. Shirley Smith, Dr. S.R. Morris and Vivienne Morris.

Speaking about events to mark International Women’s Day, Eluned Morgan said, “We need more recognition for women, and for women in Wales. We should be really proud of what we’ve achieved”.

The event in Whitland is open to members of the public. The cost is £6 per person with lunch and refreshments provided. For more information please contact Eluned Morgan’s constituency office on 01437 675588.