This week really feels like winter is starting to set in.  The clocks have gone back and the cold winds are starting to bite.

 For many, the weeks and months ahead bring with them the additional worry of how to heat their homes and balance the budget.  Being savvy over saving money on energy isn’t always easy.  Evidence shows that those who pay the most are those who have never changed who they buy their electricity and gas from.

Even if you’re not in a position to switch, it is always worth ringing your provider and being firm with them about offering you the best deal.  I believe all customers should be offered the lowest price without question.   I hope that the Tory Government will fulfil their pledge to look at an energy cap that works in the interest of consumers and not big business. 

If you need advice, Age Cymru has produced a really useful factsheet with tips and information on keeping warm this winter.  If you’d like a copy get in touch with me and I’d be happy to point you in the right direction.

Last week, I took part in a debate in the Senedd on the roll out of Universal Credit.  The way in which the single payment benefit is being rolled out, is causing hardship and concern for many of those who have already been moved across – including single people in this area.  I’ve heard from constituents already who have been told they will see their incomes fall. Others are simply worried about falling into debt if the UK Government doesn’t take seriously calls by Labour to ‘pause and reflect’ on the benefit change.  Tory MPs representing Mid and West Wales must listen to the views of their constituents and speak up against their own Government on this one – before the roll out reaches our communities.  The Citizens Advice Bureau estimates 400,000 households in Wales will receive Universal Credit by 2022.  The Tories must get this process right. 

Finally, this weekend families will be celebrating Bonfire Night by either attending organised displays or by having events at home with friends.   Every year we hear the warnings about being safe around fireworks – but it is a really important message to remember.  This weekend, remember the Fireworks Code, watch a video on how to stay safe at

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