Column 24th May 2017

I was shocked to hear of the truly devastating events in Manchester this week. My thoughts and prayers are with all those killed and injured in this horrific attack, their families and friends. It is indeed hard to understand what can motivate those behind such wicked acts.

I was heartened by Brendan Cox’s powerful words: Britain will respond as it always does under attack; with love for the bereaved, unity & resolve. They will not change us. They will not win.

As many have said, to defeat those who commit these atrocities we need to carry on with our daily lives. Those who commit acts of terror against us cannot win. I would like to thank and commend the police, the security services and all those who are keeping us safe.

It does not feel appropriate today to write in a party-political vein. I would, however, like to take a moment to pay tribute to Rhodri Morgan who died last week. Rhodri was a loved political figure with an immense impact on Wales. He loved Wales, and Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion had a special place in his affection. He also will be missed.