AM Wants Answers on Kerosene Leak

em-outside-assembly-screen-shot-2016-09-28-at-11-24-04AM WANTS ANSWERS ON KEROSENE LEAK

Eluned Morgan AM for Mid and West Wales has written to Valero asking for answers as to why and how 100,000 litres of kerosene has leaked from a pipeline near the A48 in Carmarthen. She has asked the company to give assurances that such a leak will not happen again. Whilst emphasising the importance of the refinery to the West Wales economy the Assembly Member said,

“The oil leak near the A48 in Carmarthen has caused significant pollution to the Nant Pibwr river which will lead to the closure of the main arterial road from West Wales. Whilst the speed of the response by Valero and the NRW should be commended, the fact that this has impacted on commuters and businesses in such a significant way is a real cause for concern. We need to ensure that this is cleaned up in the shortest time possible and the company needs to put in measures to ensure that such a leak will not happen again.”

The AM added,

“The Valero refinery is of crucial importance not just to the West Wales economy but also to the GDP of the whole of Wales. Whilst we would seek to do all we can to support the company in this clean-up operation, the company must demonstrate that it is responsible when it comes to the protection of the environment.”

10 October 2016