23 05 15 Social Care

I think that’s a really good point, and I’d like to invite you, perhaps, to come and address one of our meetings. I think that would be very, very useful because you’re quite right—if we catch them young, if we catch them early, the arts can be a great mechanism for turning people around.
I think it’s also important to focus on older people. I think if we’ve got a lot of people now—you think about the massive increase that we’re going to see in people requiring residential care, that’s projected to rise by 82 per cent by 2035. So, we need to think about how we’re going to deal with that, but let’s think about how we’re going to give them the quality of life; it’s not just about parking these people—it’s about making sure that they have a good life.
But I would like to finish by asking the Cabinet Secretary just one thing, and that is really about the budget. Now, I know that there’s £180,000 being earmarked for volunteer-led networks in relation to how we use this, but, actually, in the context of a £6 billion fund, how far do you think we can take this? This is quite innovative stuff. We do need to, I think, make sure it’s evidence based. But I just wonder if you could tell us: what are your ambitions here? It’s clearly early days on this, but I just wonder: could we really be a pioneer country, really setting out a marker for the world to follow?